Working in the area of emotional awareness and truth and deception detection and focusing on the relationship between emotions and facial expressions (micro expressions). Facilitated seminars and workshops for over 1000 professionals from multiple sectors including Police, Security, Investment, Finance/Commerce, Medical, Psychology, Coaching/HR and Hospitality.

An approved Trainer/Consultant by Dr. Paul Ekman (Paul Ekman Group LLC). Particularly interested in exploring and developing the applications of Dr Ekman’s research across multiple sectors and cultures around the world. We are seeing evidence that the training courses we are offering are increasing lie/truth detection skills of our delegates from the 54% average to around 90% after only four days. Delegates include police officers, doctors, investors, sales/procurement professionals, psychologists, social workers and security agency staff.

These are some of the areas that we and group members have been applying Paul Ekman/FACS /Facial Expression principles ( Facial Action Coding System (FACS) is a rigorous coding system used to analyze the movements of the human face (Paul Ekman, 1978). Dr. Paul Ekman, was also the creator of micro-expression analysis tools):

– Establishing an approach to interviewing job candidates that enables better detection of truth and deception from applicants, especially in industries and positions where security is an issue

– Providing focus group and marketing companies with a novel way to analyse the emotional responses of research participants. – The skill of recognising and managing one’s own emotions.

– Developing behavioural attentiveness beyond the words and hone in on what others are really thinking and feeling.

-Acting and using physiology to generate the emotions.

Carried out significant work with organisation leaders, including:

– structured EQ diagnostics, development, coaching and support of senior staff

– psychometric tools to aid self/other awareness.


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