Aaron is a CIPD Qualified Trainer, Certified FACS Coder and Professional Speaker.

With experience in training of many technical and soft-skills areas with a specialism in subtle interpersonal communication. Aaron has passion for the intricate nuances of human communication and has spoken professionally at many venues on subjects in this area.

As a Certified FACS Coder, Aaron is trained to spot even the smallest and most subtle of movements in the human face for the purposes of scientific research or as part of a larger behavioural analysis.

Aaron is the Director of Semita Veritas Ltd, a business that aims to increase understanding & awareness of behaviour on a subtle level, providing tools to help others lead a more successful personal and/or business life. Being aware of our own as well as other peoples behaviour can lead to more fulfilling relationships in all parts of our lives.

Aaron Garner is also an Approved Trainer for Paul Ekman International (PEI) plc. PEI are the sole providers of training on the science and research that has been pooled together over no less than 40 years on the subject of human emotion, facial expressions and deception. This research has been carried out by Dr Paul Ekman, author of many books on the subject and specialist consultant for the FOX TVs hit drama series “Lie To Me”.


Certified NLP Practitioner
(Neurolinguistic Programming)
Certified FACS Coder
(Facial Action Coding System)
Job Analysis & Competency Design
Public/Keynote Speaking
(Chartered Member of Toastmasters International)
Communication Skills
Personal Development Coaching
Evaluating Truthfulness & Credibility
Emotional Skills & Competencies
Presentation Skills
Technical Property Damage Restoration


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